Seller Representation

Seller Representation

Selling your dental practice may be a tough process. Premier Dental Connections are experts at helping dentists sell their practice and ensure that they are visible to the buyers. Our brokers are highly professional and equipped with an active marketing approach. This gives our dentists good visibility in the market. 

Our job is to implement a systematic approach to gather buyer interest in your practice while ensuring that the seller maintains full discretion. We will also make sure that the buyer signs a non-disclosure agreement before sharing any additional information about the seller and his practice.

While struggling with the process of selling the practice, dentists may come to the realization that the process isn't as easy as it seems. At Premier Dental Connections, we help simplify the transition process by making it easy. 

To determine the value price of the seller's practice, our team at Premier Dental Connections would create a systematic prospectus that would include the value of the dental practice for sale. This value price would be based on certain key metrics.

Ways to Increase The Value Price of Your Practice

  • Offering patients with new and improved forms of treatment
  • Improve marketing and advertising strategies
  • Upgrade practice facilities
  • Merge with other practices

Types of Seller Transitions

  • Buy-Out: The purchaser can buy a practice for a negotiated price for a short period
  • Buy-In:This allows the buyer to purchase a defined portion of the practice for a negotiated price from day one
  • Associateship:Associates would help you maintain full control of the ownership, but the success rate would only account for up to 20 percent. 
  • Merger:A merger is when two practices combine together to become a single entity.

Contact Premier Dental Connections to understand more about seller representation. We offer a wide range of services such as practice sales and transitions, mergers, associate placement, transition consulting for future sale, partnerships, and buyer representation. Give us a call at 727 232 0097 and we will take it from there.