DSO Specialists

DSO Specialists

A DSO (Dental Management Support Organization) is a management organization that helps dental practices handle their business while the dentists focus their goal on taking care of the clinical aspects of patient care. DSOs have largely improved the business of dentistry. They are owners of the dental practice who provides management services. 

Who is a DSO specialist?

A DSO specialist sets up a professional organization to take care of a dental practice's management services. They would be responsible for taking care of payouts and handles practice operations. The benefit of joining hands with a DSO is that it allows dental practitioners to contribute more time with patient care than with administrative tasks. It also allows young practitioners to obtain more experience practicing dentistry in dental practice while being assured of a guaranteed payout. Working in a  DSO environment allows dentists to experience a better work-life balance as well.

What are the responsibilities of DSO?

A DSO (Dental Support Organization) is responsible for handling aspects that are only related to the business of the practice. These aspects include:

  • Marketing 
  • Dental office management
  • Legal compliance
  • Information and technology
  • Human resources
  • Billing and payout
  • Accounts and collections
  • Financial operations

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