The Challenges of Finding Quality Staff

The Challenges of Finding Quality Staff

Posted by premier dental on Jul 21 2020, 10:53 PM

The Challenges of Finding Quality Staff
Have you ever hired a staff member in a rush due to an urgent requirement, and later regretted it? Hiring the wrong person to do the job is every employer’s biggest fear, as this can leave the work piling up. Eventually, you will have to hire someone else to finish it, or worse; you may have to do it yourself. This not only costs you extra dollars but disrupts the smooth flow of the work process.

How can an impressive resume be misleading?

When you are hiring an employee to fill a vacancy, the primary means of evaluating the candidate’s proficiency is thorough their resume. We tend to hire the first candidate with an impressive resume, which isn’t always the best strategy to go about. They may not have worked in a dental practice before, and the lack of relevant experience can lead to poor performance. This not only leads to a lot of confusion but can also add to your stress.

The Team Can Lose its Morale

When one member of the team isn’t pulling their own weight, the entire team can face a setback. This can be several times worse if they are demotivated or do not possess the necessary skills for the job. You may have to ask a different member of the team to help complete the unfinished work or fill in for another employee, which can often be frustrating and dissatisfying. In fact, if it occurs persistently, even your most loyal employees may consider finding new jobs!

Losing Your Patients

Just the thought of losing your regular patients can sound upsetting. It’s every dentist’s worst nightmare. The frustration that’s been building up in your staff can, in turn, deny the top-notch service that you wish to provide your patients. Just one bad experience is what it takes for your patients to never return to your practice. Hence, it is crucial to make the right choices while hiring your staff in the first place.

Look For Someone Motivated and Versatile

Imagine having a go-to member in your staff, whom you could always trust to get the job done - someone who consistently delivers! More importantly, they should be aligned with the vision of your dental practice and the ground rules that enable smooth functioning. Having such a motivated employee would make you and your patients’ lives easier, along with nurturing a positive approach to any unforeseen concerns.

Initial Training is Key

Every patient who chooses your practice has their first contact through the receptionist or an alternate front desk staff. It is essential we build rapport with patients through a friendly and compassionate approach, which will require training. Factors such as professionalism, communication skills, and attitude can make or break the doctor-patient relationship. We suggest you personally train your staff to ensure they are aligned with the approach that you wish to follow.

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