Repairing Broken False Teeth at Home

Repairing Broken False Teeth at Home

Posted by premier dental on Mar 11 2022, 11:09 AM

Repairing Broken False Teeth at Home

In the long run, your denture could crack or break the denture due to a buildup of wear and tear. It may get worn down due to daily stress cycles and chewing pressure. Sometimes, it would break during the worst times, like before your daughter's wedding, your grandchildren's birthday party, or before your big anniversary.

Fixing a broken denture is not a simple task to perform. You can either fix the broken denture at home or visit the dentist to have it fixed. The complexity of fixing a denture depends upon the severity of the break, the type of dentures, how long you expect the denture to last.

Can I Fix My Dentures Myself at Home?

The dentist would not recommend that you repair your denture at home in cases of severe cracks. But if the denture only has small cracks, it can be fixed with a denture repair kit. Experts may encourage short fixes at home if you want them to last for only a short time. But for long-term fixes, professional tools and experts can restore the broken dentures with expertise.

Guidelines in Doing At-Home Temporary Denture Repairs

  • Put your denture back to the mouth only if the glue is completely dry
  • Use only a commercial denture repair kit containing all the tools to repair a damaged set of the denture.
  • Ensure only a small quantity of glue is added to repair the denture. Otherwise, it may bulge outwards.
  • Prepare a clean workspace to fix the denture
  • Follow instructions and tips prescribed in the denture repair kit to get the idea before attempting to fix your denture.

How to Avoid Broken Dentures

False teeth are as important as your natural teeth. Taking proper care of dentures is an essential part of the oral care routine. Brushing the dentures, cleaning them, soaking them overnight extends the life of false teeth without breakage. Regular dental checkups ensure the condition of false teeth and prevent them from further breakage and damage.

If your false teeth severely break, call your regular dentist or schedule an appointment to discuss the situation. They can surely assist you to fix the denture with professional care. If you rely completely on your denture to chew, eat, and speak properly, treat it as a medical emergency for an urgent repair.

If you require quick denture repair services, contact us at Premier Dental Connections, New Port Richey, FL. Call us at (727) 376-2299 to book an appointment.

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