How to Compete Against Corporate DSOs?

How to Compete Against Corporate DSOs?

Posted by premier dental on Dec 17 2020, 10:03 AM

How to Compete Against Corporate DSOs?

Whether you like it or not, there is an ongoing hustle in the field of dentistry for the private dentists because they are being subjected to the game of tug of war against the dental service organizations, insurance providers, and the dental hygiene association. The whole agenda of this tug of war is to decide who will get a chance to treat the patients. 

To be the winners of the game and to take complete control over the patient treatment and the revenue, dentists must unite together and harness the energy. It is the need of an hour because, by doing so, the dentist will actually get a full chance to deliver complete care to their patients and also will have enough control on the market, thus providing negotiation powers, as they will have the collective strength to attack market share and impact corporate revenue. 

It is essential to hold this collective power to keep the relationship between the dentist and the patient intact. In America, currently, the corporate sector has reached too far in its relationship. To counter that, private practice dentists must come up with business strategies that put the doctor-patient interest first. 

Private practice dentists have to come up with different methods to promote themselves. For example, they should emphasize the subjects they have the upper hand on and should advertise it rigorously, like if you have been serving local communities for generations, then it will serve you as a great help. Instead of providing the prices and quotes of your services, it is beneficial for the patients if you highlight the experience they will get by opting for your services. 

Today every other person is on social media, and it has become a powerful tool. Private practice dentists can reap maximum benefits from these platforms by using them correctly and strategically. People enjoy seeing the real dentist on these sites and would research about you and your clinic before choosing you. Patients connect on these platforms and will help promote your services amongst the community if you are good enough to be consulted. 

Enable reviews on your site. This will help in building trust and thus will enable the flow of leads. Every patient thinks twice before consulting any doctor, and Google happens to be everyone's favorite lens before choosing your services. Therefore the group of private practice dentists must come together and win against corporate DSOs.

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