Foods That Can Damage Your Teeth And Oral Health

Foods That Can Damage Your Teeth And Oral Health

Posted by Premier Dental Connections on Jan 5 2023, 02:58 AM

Foods That Can Damage Your Teeth And Oral Health

Your diet plays a crucial role in your oral health. What you eat and when you eat can affect your teeth. Some foods can erode your enamel, cause cavities, and increase your risk of bad breath. Here are a few foods that can affect our teeth and oral health.

Sugary Foods

The food you eat can damage your teeth and be detrimental to your long-term oral health. One of the biggest offenders is the sugar found in a number of popular food items. Treats such as cookies, cakes, pies, and other baked goods can really damage your teeth. The amount of sugar that is typically found in these foods can cause tooth decay and lead to cavities. 

Hard Candy

Any type of candy that is extremely hard can break teeth easily. These types of candies are usually made with fruit extract or sugar alcohols such as mannitol. They dissolve slowly in the mouth and form a sticky layer on your teeth; this causes exposure to acid and sugar that can lead to tooth decay. It is also very difficult to dislodge these sticky candies from your mouth. The risk of cavities is much higher when you consume a lot of hard candies. The sugar in the candy also feeds the bacteria in your mouth and leads to plaque formation.

Soft Drinks

Most soft drinks are highly acidic and full of sugar. The acids in soda wear down tooth enamel, leading to tooth decay over time. Avoiding these drinks will lower your risk of cavities and preserve your beautiful smile!

If you really want to enjoy your favorite soft drink once in a while, remember to rinse with water to help wash the sugar off of your teeth. Brushing and flossing will also help to remove any sticky residue left over from sodas.

Coffee and Tea

Coffee and tea both contain caffeine, which is a stimulant. Stimulants increase salivary flow. Saliva is naturally protective to the teeth because it neutralizes acids produced by bacteria in your mouth that would otherwise erode tooth enamel. However, the more you drink coffee and tea, the more acidic your mouth becomes and the less effective saliva is at protecting your teeth. In addition, the tannins in tea and coffee cause discoloration of your teeth over time. Switching to herbal or green tea is a healthier option!


One glass of wine a day may be good for your heart, but drinking too much wine can be bad for your oral health. That’s because red wine is extremely acidic and sugar-laden. These ingredients combine to create a sticky film that sticks to your teeth for hours afterward – causing tooth decay. Even white wine can cause cavities and damage tooth enamel if consumed frequently. Besides tooth decay, excessive alcohol consumption can also contribute to mouth cancer and other serious health conditions. Talk to your dentist about drinking alcohol in moderation.

Sports Drinks

A sports drink is any beverage that contains carbohydrates and electrolytes. While these beverages may be great before or after a workout for energy, they also contain a lot of sugar. The sugars in these drinks can cause plaque to build up on your teeth and increase your risk of tooth decay. Many energy drinks contain sugar and caffeine as well, so it is best to avoid them when possible. It’s important to remember that these drinks and foods are not forbidden from your diet. They are just best consumed in moderation to prevent oral health issues such as cavities.

Citrus Fruits and Juices

While citrus fruits have health benefits such as vitamin C, citric acid can be harmful to your teeth by wearing away the enamel. When teeth are exposed to acid for too long, the tooth’s protective enamel layer can become damaged, resulting in tooth decay and cavities. Additionally, citrus juices tend to linger on teeth, which can lead to stains. 

Dried Fruits

They’re often candied or coated in sugar, so they’re extra sticky on your teeth. And they have fairly high acidity levels, which can harm the enamel of your teeth too. Even raisins and other dried fruits that are considered healthier options can pose a problem if you eat them all the time. They stick to teeth easily and can increase your risk of tooth decay.

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